With all the work I have been doing with the new ajax features lately, I am spending a lot more time dealing with JavaScript than I used to. I found this neat script out there that is basically a JavaScript version of ColdFusion's CFDump tag.


It is really quite handy for dumping most javascript objects. However, if you are trying to dump a large object like the YUI or EXT objects that CFTree/CFGrid/etc use, then you will find that it does not work well. This is because these JavaScript libraries a are so large that the recursive process locks up your browser and fails.

If you need to dump large objects like this you can comment out the recursion portion of the code pretty easily. It's a little more tedious to have to drill down through a large object by dumping each of its child objects separately, but it is still better than programming blind.

Click here to download the script without recursion

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