So I was reading through the list of ColdFusion 8 AJAX JavaScript Functions, and I noticed that Adobe actually built in the JavaScript Version of CFDump that I blogged about recently.

If you enable the ajax debugging and browse to your page with "cfdebug" as a url parameter, then you can use the ColdFusion.Log.dump() function to dump the object you are working with into the cfdebug log window. Of course, it still has the same problem with recursion on large objects

so if you are trying to dump a tree object or a grid object, or something large like that, you are still going to get a "too much recursion" error like this:

As long as you are dumping small objects it is pretty handy though. Here is a quick example of a button that dumps itself:

<input type="button" onclick="ColdFusion.Log.dump(this);" value="dump button object">

Here's a screenshot of the dump:

Also if you are on a shared hosting environment, most likely your administrator has disabled debugging and you won't be able to use it. In that case, you can download the script yourself, and then you can comment out the recursion if you need to as well.

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